A Broken Key Helped Me to Learn That I Can Handle Things with Outside Help

I was petrified when my husband told me that he was leaving me because I had always felt that I was not good at taking care of myself. I have a lot of anxiety and felt that I needed my husband so that I could function day-to-day. However, I am now learning my strengths and understand that I am stronger than I thought. Recently, I had to look for help with lock repairs in Brisbane after my house key accidentally broke off in the lock of my front door. In the past, my husband took care of those things. Not only is he the one who worked and made the money that paid for help services, he also knew how to fix those types of things on his own, too.

Like I said, I have anxiety. I was diagnosed as having Generalized Anxiety Disorder. This basically means that I worry a lot. I worry so much that it can interfere with getting things done. My husband is mentally strong, and he often handled a lot of things that I felt that I couldn’t handle before he left me. However, now that I am on my own, I realize that I will have to handle things or my life would fall apart. It was scary to me to make the phone call to a local locksmith company because people make me nervous, and I was also worried that I didn’t have the funds to cover the cost for locksmith services.

I was pretty pleased to learn that getting help with fixing my front door lock didn’t cost very much at all. I simply found a company online and called their phone number. They sent an employee over within 30 minutes. That employee was able to get my broken key out of the lock. They even made me a new key. The whole thing was over and done with in only 30 minutes. I was pretty pleased that I handled it all well. It gave me the confidence to see that I can do even more things without much trouble!